Q. I changed my Smartcell LAN port IP address to to connect to a modem and now I cant log into the repeater, why?

A. Being that the WAN IP address is set to by default, if you change the LAN IP address to be within the same subnet range, you will not be able to log into the repeater. We recommend using the WAN port for connecting a modem, but if you need to use the LAN, make sure to change the WAN IP/Subnet to a different range.

Q. What is the “AGC Control On/Off” setting used for?

A. “ALC Control” will let you manually set/adjust the attenuation for Downlink/Uplink.

Q. What is Gain Balance Control?

A. This setting will only take effect when “ALC Control” is set to ON. When Gain Balance Control is also set to ON, it keeps the Uplink and Downlink Attenuation at the same level based on what you set the Downlink Attenuation to.

Q. What is the function of the “Shutdown ON/OFF” setting?

A. When this function is enabled (set to ON), the repeater will go through a shutdown sequence if any Major alarms (red) are present such as: oscillation (due to low isolation), VSWR, Donor Power too high, over temperature alarm, etc. The repeater will repeat this shutdown process for 30 minutes and will keep the AMPs set to OFF if the Major alarm persists.  Minor alarms (yellow) will have no effect on this function.

Q. What does the “DL ALC Limit” and “UL ALC Limit” do?

A. When “ALC Control” is set to ON allowing you to manually set the attenuation, you will want to keep the DL/UP ALC Limits to their maximum values to limit any issues. The reason for this is because you are manually setting the attenuation for UL/DL to reach your desired Downlink Output Power.

Q. In the Band Selection, what are the grey check boxes between band blocks used for?

A. The Grey checkbox areas, for example, between A1 and A2, is used to make the bands selected a continuous signals as long as there aren’t any breaks in the checkboxes being side by side.