GS Teletech, Inc. (GST), a global provider of high-performance wireless network coverage solutions, has introduced today the PS-Elite, a channelized digital stand-alone repeater for 700/800MHz Public Safety frequencies including FirstNet.

Product Highlights:

Composite Power 33dBm (2W) or 37dBm (5W) for each band 32 channel selectable digital filter ALC (Auto Level Control) +10dBm Oscillation Protection LED Status Indicators Alarm Interface SNMP (Wired / Wireless) NEMA4 Compliant NFPA72 / IFC Code Compliant

To achieve an appropriate level of safety in public spaces, first responders need to have the best on hand. So, we would like to introduce our Public Safety repeaters which are crucial solutions for support and coordinating on-site efforts in an emergency situation.

The most important thing is that all our public safety solutions satisfy all of the requirements regarding fire codes and NEMA compliance. We also have built in functions which make the product future proof, so the equipment will not need to be replaced in the future in case of Fire codes and regulations changed.


GST will showcase PS-DAS and PS-Elite solutions at the APCO Annual Conference & Expo, August 5-8, 2018. All GST’s public safety solutions are available for commercial deployment. For product pricing and availability, please contact To learn more, visit