GS Teletech, Inc. (GST), a global provider of high-performance wireless network coverage solutions, today announces its new EZ-DAS (Distributed Antenna System) supporting 700/800/1900/2100 MHz frequencies to provide wireless carriers with stable and reliable network coverage indoors and outside.

Product Highlights:

  • SU Composite Power

         EZ-DAS Quad 1W SU: 30dBm (1W) for each band

         EZ-DAS Quad 5W SU: 37dBm (5W) for each band

  • Topology / Capacity

         Up to 12 SU Connections via 4 branches

         SU Daisy Chain (Max. 2)

  • Functions

         6 Non-contiguous band selection

         ALC (Auto Level Control)

         AGS (Auto Gain Setup)

  • NMS Interface

         SNMP (Wired/Wireless),

         LTE Modem (Optional)

  • Enclosure

         NEMA4 Compliant (DU/SU)

  • FCC / UL Certifications

GST will showcase its EZ-DAS and In-Building Solutions at the MWCA 2018 (Hall West Stand W.733), September 12-14, 2018. All GST’s DAS, Indoor & Outdoor coverage solutions are available for commercial deployment. For product pricing and availability, please contact To learn more, visit