We have a history of delivering Great Success with rural communities all over the world.

IC-ELITE 1943 – Benefit to rural community

◎ Cost Effectiveness

  • No need backhaul connection – Saving OPEX
  • It’s the cheapest solution to expand coverage.


◎ Multi Service & Multi Band

  • Technology Neutral : Any service such as CDMA/WCDMA/LTE
  • No need to replace hardware for technology change (SDR)
  • Single hardware to serve multiple carrier
    (Ex : T-Mobile 1900MHz & Sprint 1900MHz)


◎ Easy to Deploy / Flexibility

  • Minimal carrier involvement required
  • – It can be installed anywhere
  • Easy to move after installation
  • – Suitable for rapid service coverage expansion

GST has a vast amount of experience with cascading our ICS repeaters.
These units can be configured to cover long stretches of no service areas without the need for costly towers to be built or backhauls to be wired.
GST IC-Elite provides a stable high quality signal while minimizing CAPEX & OPEX.

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